I got Botox in Minneapolis, Here’s my review

review from carillon's injectionsIf you’ve ever considered the fact that the first thing people notice about you is your teeth, which is why I got braces, then I guess the second most important thing is your face, right? I mean who wouldn’t notice your face before your teeth? That’s why I decided to highlight my beautiful new teeth, after braces, by getting my wrinkles diminished with some injections.

Botox can help you build confidence

After I got a lot of confidence with my new look from getting my teeth straightened, I thought I would keep on going with my crazy life in finding a way to make them look even better. With that in mind, I decided to also go shopping for some new makeup colors (that’s another story). Getting this kind of treatment is always kinda scary, especially after googling some of the recent problems experienced by some celebrities from time to time. But I have several friends in Minnesota who have had great experiences with their doctor so I decided to give it a try for the first time.

My experience with Carillon

I went in for a little consultation, wasn’t sure what to expect. The first thing I noticed was that the people working at the front desk were really cool and didn’t seem to judge anyone in the patient room. Believe me, they were beautiful but I didn’t find them threatening at all. I wanted to learn more before meeting with the nurse and they gave me a pamphlet to read. I went to their Minneapolis location on Olson Highway about a month ago for my consultation then went in the next day for my treatment. The entire experience was wonderful and I couldn’t be happier with the new me and my new face :) One thing I noticed was that my forehead wasn’t as firm as I thought it’d be after the injections. This was pretty awesome. The feel natural but look more full than ever. I really didn’t have super wrinkly skin around my eyes either but they weren’t non-existent either. But now I’m looking and feeling my best with the new look, thanks to the people at Carillon. Checkout more info on getting affordable Botox from them if you’re interested. And let them know that Cat sent you!

Some important info you may need to know before Getting Braces!

The World of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the process of straightening teeth that are crooked in a person’s mouth. Most of the time the teeth have grown in that way, as the jawbone itself will not accommodate the teeth in a straight manner.

Mostly from a hereditary standpoint, teeth will come in after the baby teeth are lost crooked, on top of one another and in all sorts of ways. This is probably the most severe reason orthodontics needs to be addressed, but it can be easily corrected.

Most of the time when teeth are in these positions, some of the teeth have to be pulled in order to make room for the straightening process to occur.

The traditional method of straightening the teeth is to put metal braces on them and gradually tighten them which moves the teeth into a straightened positioning.

The way that it works is to place metal bands on each tooth, cemented on, and then fastening metal wires through connectors on each band going until the wire is attached to each tooth, both uppers and lower teeth.

Then over time, as the wires are gradually tightened, the teeth are moved into place and end up as straightened. It is an amazing process which takes place over a couple of years as the the teeth are gradually moved into place.

This process has been perfected since the 1940′s and since then thousands of people have enjoyed the process of getting horribly out of place teeth moved into position so that they have been able to enjoy beautiful smiles and pretty teeth.

Newer procedures like Invisalign offers a hard plastic liner that fits along the back side of the teeth, and as time goes on, a different sized of liner is inserted, causing the same kind of movement that the braces enact. In this way the person has literally invisible braces, as they are not able to be noticed by the casual observer.

Having teeth that were once crooked, but are now straightened will change a person’s life. Having one’s teeth straightened completely changes the way that a person’s face looks. The difference in a person’s outlook on life changes from one of self consciousness to one of confidence. This is the practice also known of as dentofacial orthopedics.

People’s personalities change from being withdrawn and self-conscious to confident and outgoing. This has been the case for years, and for teenagers, the age when most of the orthodontic work is done, it can mean all the difference in the world.

Getting Ready for your Winter Hair Removal

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like that extra body hair, like I’ve talked about in the past it’s one of the things you’d like to know about, even during the cold months when not many people see your skin. Why? Maybe you want to visit somewhere warm like at a Miami clinic to get IPL. I heard of a good place that helps people to get rid of unwanted hair, and it’s one of the things that you’d want to look for as far as keeping your sexiness at an all time high. Even in the cold months? YES!!!

Why get Permanent Hair Removal in the Winter

Sometimes – not always, people have some mild skin reactions that last a few weeks after getting a laser hair removal procedure done. It’s not uncommon to have a little spottiness on your skin in the affected area. The solution? That’s right, do it in winter when you’re not gon be out at the beach in your bikini. Smart? I thought so. Check out out http://www.avalonmedispa.com for some great services, whether you have just some acne you want to deal with or you for real want to get rid of that armpit or leg hair.

Why Look Your Best?

Do I even need to say it? CONFIDENCE. You’ll find yourself being bolder when you’re getting this kind of help. Whenever you do something to look in the mirror to make yourself appear more beautiful, it’ll naturally boost your confidence. This can’t be bad for you, in fact it might even help you to make more money in the long run on your job – or you might even start your own business and make profits instead of wages. All because you took my advice :P

My Friend’s Crazy Braces

I have a friend who decided to get braces and she was super scared to get them. When she found out that she was going to have to get them, she was horrified until she went to her get her orthodontic consultation and learned that she was scared for no reason. Her experience as she tells it was “a pleasure.” She knew she was probably going to need them but put it off until her mid twenties. Her fear was quickly quenched when she went in to get them put in.

Stylish Braces

Tori was afraid that her braces would impede her work as she is in sales and spends a lot of time on the phone and in front of clients so she needed a beautiful smile. When she got her braces, she came over to my house and we talked for about 5 minutes before I even realized she had them! They were almost transparent and she was super excited about the experience with her orthodontist that she recommended him to me. But I don’t need braces – yet…. but that’s a post for later. So what are you scary braces stories? Did you ever think you could look cute with them?

My Crazy Traveling Dreams

So when I was growing up, I used to love watching movies like Braveheart. I think there’s something inside of everyone that rises up when we see amazing acting that portrays something in history that actually happened. To this end, I always wanted to vacation in Ireland and Scotland to actually stand on the ground where some of the greatest heroism in history ever occurred.

What would it be like to see some of the greatest castles the world has ever known? They haven’t been touched by terrible disasters like earthquakes or volcanoes that have been known to decimate the man made wonders in years past. Some civilizations have existed since the “beginning of time” and they are there for a reason: they are fighters. Ireland and Scotland seem like two nations that have the kind of history that ancient China has because as far as I know, they have always occupied the land in which they live.

I also want to go do some fishing on my trip when I go. I think that fishing the sea in that region of the world will probably be the end of any fishing career because I don’t think it gets much better than that. My dad and grandpa used to take me fishing in Minnesota on many of the great lakes there, and I also did some deep sea fishing when visiting my grandpa in Florida. But I think that since I have some Scotch and Irish in me, that probably means I’m born to be a good angler, what do you think??

And if I’m there, I’ll probably want to do some golfing, just for old times sake. My dear grandpa is quite a golfer but I’m a hack – I usually consider golf a “good walk spoiled,” but my grandpa would probably shoot me if he ever reads this post :)

So if there are any world travelers out there who want to fund my trip to Ireland and / or Scotland this summer, please let me know! I am always willing to carry your bags for your or drive you anywhere you want to go and I promise not to talk in my fake Irish accent – unless I have too many beers – I hear the nightlife out there is rather amazing especially Dublin nightlife. Anyways, thanks for reading and I really look forward to our trip together! See you at the airport :P

I was a Marine Biologist in my Past Life

While in eighth grade, I was going to school in the Portland, Oregon area and went on a field trip to Seaside Oregon. The field trip was part of my marine biology class. The trip took us to the coast on a typical rainy windy Oregon day in late fall. We went into tidepools then took a boat ride into the crazy waves all to gather some specimens for use with our new biology reagents testing kits looking for certain toxins in the water, which we tested at the school laboratory. We also looked at the type of microscopic life there was in the sea water. I have to say, that day of all others in my entire Junior High career sticks in my mind as the greatest and most memorable – and always remained one of the things I could still opt to do in life – become a marine biologist.

Science or Biology

I was always fascinated by dreaming up experiments to prove a theory or disprove one. I thought that science would satisfy my curiosity of how the universe worked – and one of the most interesting lines of science, at least for me, was biology. I think my ambitions were the result of loving the ocean and being fascinated with science so it seemed like the perfect match.

Marine Biology as a Career?

testing marine biology for toxins Marine biology is the study of life in the sea and is usually carried out by someone who is working in academia. Those who do it full time can expect an exciting life doing something they absolutely love but the shouldn’t expect much money. Apparently the average “high” side of income for a marine biologist is for someone who has a Ph.D. and does some teaching at a university. Their salary is around $55,000 / year.

Contributing to knowledge is one of the main components that distinguishes a doctor above a biologist who is not a doctor. It is almost expected that most who are employed – are mostly employed by a learning institution and they will therefore be teaching at some point in their career. To really take the highest advantage, I suppose I would have had to start many years ago but would have gone well with other subjects I enjoyed like science, chemistry and math.

Looking back on the years, there have always been certain classes that piqued my interest more so than others. All of them together have given me a good sense that I’m now doing what I love – so my advice for any student at any level is to pay attention to what you pay attention to: does it excite you? Then maybe you should follow that passion out until it either dies or blossoms. -Simple

Step in tubs for increased safety for Gramma

My grandparents are in their 80′s. Yours might be in their 90′s or older?! Anyways, my grandma started losing her short term memory and falling a lot. This was super scary for my mom (it’s her mother) so we all took it pretty seriously. My grandfather still has his wits about him but his strength is not what it used to be so he decided to get the family to help out with caring for my Nana. One of the greatest things that he did for her and for the family which has freed up time and energy for everyone is getting her one of those walk in tubs to bathe in because of all her recent falls. She not only doesn’t need help in the bathroom but she bathes every day by herself which is huge for her dignity and a great relief for my grandfather.

Walk in bathtubs for elderly folks help the whole family

Since my nana got her walk in tub, her hair is usually cleaner than it had been because she was only washing it once a week when my aunt took her to the hair shop. Now she spends quite a while in the tub and has time to wash her hair. The water doesn’t get cold because it has a water heater, heated air jets and a heated seat so she can soak as long as she wants to. Her bathtub sits in the middle of her bathroom, it’s modeled after the old Victorian style tubs and she really takes advantage of it.

Safety for Seniors at a whole notha’ level

envy walk in tubSeniors who have lived a very active lifestyle and productive life find it hard to settle down sometimes and end up doing things that get them hurt. These things are not anything out of the normal, in fact, they’re just walking unaccompanied, driving or picking something too heavy up. Safety is a premium for people who want to continue to be independent and active instead of putting their feet up and accepting the role of “old man” or “old woman.”  There are a lot of premier bathing products that could help seniors in the bathroom but nothing improves safety like a step in tub. The reason is obvious – there are so many more accidents in the bathroom related to stepping in and out of a regular tub than any other emergency room trip. So do your family a favor and get your aging parents / grandparents or even yourself if you have any kind of physical limitation or disability into a step in safety tub. Thanks for reading ;)

Sunday’s Best

Since I live in SoCal there is never a shortage of really cool things to do. Recently I went with a friend to church in Irvine (Orange County CA) and it was a super cool experience that made me really think about life and how good it really is. I think that here in America we have gotten kinda spoiled and think that if we don’t have a brand new car and a huge house then we’re in poverty. At least that’s how it feels sometimes.

When the pastor was teaching I couldn’t help but think about how if the same God who puts us all on the planet is the same for everyone, then why do some people seem to be way happier and have less while those who have more seem to be full of anxiety and more unhappy? It’s one of the puzzling problems that I have noticed when it comes to the “haves and the have nots.” Having a lot of possessions is supposed to be a blessing, like Abraham in the Bible. But if it really is a blessing then why aren’t we happier? I can only deduce one answer; that the possessions have us, we don’t have them.

“You Have All You Need” // Ps. Benny Perez // 10.06.13

My brother says that “money is a great servant but a horrible master.” I think the main issues that we face in the western culture is that we think that the more we have, the happier we will be. So we work super hard for things, then take out credit cards or lines of credit from a mortgage or whatever, then we become slaves to the debt. The borrower is slave to the lender, and I think that one of the fundamental elements of happiness is freedom – but if you’re a slave to debt then your money and “stuff” owns you.

So where does God fit in to all this? I suppose he gives us the option to get as much stuff as we want but if we do it our way, out of stupidity, selfishness and greed, then I think there’s some sorrow that comes with it. If there’s no sorrow added to wealth, then it is truly a blessing. In order to be a blessing, you money can’t own you and that’s one of the key lessons I learned in church that day. I also really felt great after leaving, like everything in my life was about to get way better because I sensed a deep spiritual connection with God that I thought left me when I was younger. Anyways, that is my thought on money, culture and God :)

Branding and SEO Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Experts

The best marketer in San Diego takes an approach that is different from agencies that make no guarantees for their digital marketing packages by offering a “limited risk platform.” To learn more from this Oceanside marketing company, we will understand that a strong digital marketing strategy is sequential and is like having the combination to a lock. This has leveled the playing field for small companies to go toe-to-toe with fortune 500 companies.

Businesses that appear on the first page of search engine results pages experience maximum exposure and explosive growth. Many businesses have been burned by agencies that promise to put them on the coveted first page of a Google search, then in their final proposal say that there are no guarantees.

Knowing the fact that SEO has developed a negative connotation because of all the rip-off artists in the space, this marketer explains how businesses can begin the work of effective SEO on their own. Many companies have someone in-house that handles the day-to-day marketing tasks, but when it comes to getting from page 3 or 4 of a Google search all the way to the first page, that’s when you need a true digital marketing expert.

Whether it’s fair or not, the truth is that consumers who perform a search online for a particular good or service, especially in a local market, will trust businesses on the first page of that search. This boils down to “legitimacy” in the mind the consumer. Statistically, up to 60% of mobile searches are for local businesses, goods or services. And up to 85% of those searches end in a buying decision within the hour.

How to Maximize your Search Engine Exposure and Impact

If a mobile search for you business turns up website that doesn’t display properly for that mobile device, you will get a “bounce.” This is when a frustrated searcher quickly dismisses the resulting page and visits a competitor’s website because it’s not convenient to read website that is not mobile optimized. Some great ways to maximize your exposure and increase the impact of that exposure with minimal effort are:

1) SERE (Search Engine Real Estate) Do a Google search of your business name in the town you live in. Take note of the top 10 results that show up. Do you own all ten? They are most likely your website, maybe a social media page, then business directories and a Yelp page. You are in control of one or two of those pages, which means your money funnels are not properly setup. You can start by claiming and optimizing the Google Plus page that appears in the top right section of the search engine results page, then claim the more than 120 business listings that use your information to serve up ads by your competitors.

2) Do a Google search for your good or service in the town you live in. This is most widely referred to as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. When your competitors rise to the top of a page, it can be very frustrating because the chances are they’re no better than you. All the best SEO strategy incorporates social media, linking and anchor text, high quality content and website structure. You can have one without the other but there’s never a guarantee that you’ll rank.

Hire an effective marketing agency for a fraction of an in-house team

You should pay close attention to the way your company’s brand is handled online. Online digital marketing or advertising, simply put improves your branding and traffic. Those are the focus of digital marketing. Companies that fail to see value in online marketing endeavors will soon shut their doors. Even if they have “been around for forty years.”

The important thing to remember is that a strong digital agency has an enterprise built around helping you to succeed in an overall marketing strategy to get you maximum exposure with minimal effort. Whether you’re a local business or an entrepreneur, don’t leave matters in the hands of your secretary. Get in touch with an expert today.

digital marketing for SEO

I Got Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego – Am I Veign?

Affordable Cosmetic Surgery in San Diego

Have you almost given up on your search for affordable liposuction in San Diego? Have no fear, there is a solution. San Diego liposuction and other cosmetic operations are some of the highest priced in the United States. However, with the proper research, you can find a reasonably priced operation if you perform the right searches on Google. A majority of cosmetic surgeons in San Diego charge several thousand dollars for services that need repeating. These operations tend to be costly and lacking in true holistic beauty practices, which makes long-term success, difficult. Fortunately you can get the proper coaching before, during and after a liposuction treatment, especially with tumescent liposuction or even Botox treatments in San Diego.

Smart liposuction treatments are out there, making it easy for the average person to look their best in San Diego – just in time for summer. Look for a Doctor who can work with your budget and who understands your goals. A doctor who can be flexible and can offer the treatments based on the uniqueness of who you are is hard to come by. The greatest offices don’t charge you huge upfront fees for consultations, followed by ridiculous monthly appointments to remove more fat. Going with a local doctor who you find in a local search is the best way to ensure you won’t be taken advantage of.

Multiple Locations Throughout the County

Find an office who doesn’t compromise on the level of service even through they may have several regional offices and financing options. Many of the best tumescent lipo surgeons have multiple locations – especially around San Diego County. Several of the best have offices up into the North County area. All offices should be fully equipped with the latest technologies to perform the services necessary. With multiple locations, these Doctors make it more convenient for the SoCal way of life – they’ll travel so you don’t have to. Those with a true focus on conducting business will utilize mail forwarding services, internet, professional receptionists, and resources. Don’t sign your life away, check out some of the amazing deals on the web in parts of town that will impress even the most professional of business-types.