Some important info you may need to know before Getting Braces!

The World of Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the process of straightening teeth that are crooked in a person’s mouth. Most of the time the teeth have grown in that way, as the jawbone itself will not accommodate the teeth in a straight manner.

Mostly from a hereditary standpoint, teeth will come in after the baby teeth are lost crooked, on top of one another and in all sorts of ways. This is probably the most severe reason orthodontics needs to be addressed, but it can be easily corrected.

Most of the time when teeth are in these positions, some of the teeth have to be pulled in order to make room for the straightening process to occur.

The traditional method of straightening the teeth is to put metal braces on them and gradually tighten them which moves the teeth into a straightened positioning.

The way that it works is to place metal bands on each tooth, cemented on, and then fastening metal wires through connectors on each band going until the wire is attached to each tooth, both uppers and lower teeth.

Then over time, as the wires are gradually tightened, the teeth are moved into place and end up as straightened. It is an amazing process which takes place over a couple of years as the the teeth are gradually moved into place.

This process has been perfected since the 1940′s and since then thousands of people have enjoyed the process of getting horribly out of place teeth moved into position so that they have been able to enjoy beautiful smiles and pretty teeth.

Newer procedures like Invisalign offers a hard plastic liner that fits along the back side of the teeth, and as time goes on, a different sized of liner is inserted, causing the same kind of movement that the braces enact. In this way the person has literally invisible braces, as they are not able to be noticed by the casual observer.

Having teeth that were once crooked, but are now straightened will change a person’s life. Having one’s teeth straightened completely changes the way that a person’s face looks. The difference in a person’s outlook on life changes from one of self consciousness to one of confidence. This is the practice also known of as dentofacial orthopedics.

People’s personalities change from being withdrawn and self-conscious to confident and outgoing. This has been the case for years, and for teenagers, the age when most of the orthodontic work is done, it can mean all the difference in the world.