My Crazy Traveling Dreams

So when I was growing up, I used to love watching movies like Braveheart. I think there’s something inside of everyone that rises up when we see amazing acting that portrays something in history that actually happened. To this end, I always wanted to vacation in Ireland and Scotland to actually stand on the ground where some of the greatest heroism in history ever occurred.

What would it be like to see some of the greatest castles the world has ever known? They haven’t been touched by terrible disasters like earthquakes or volcanoes that have been known to decimate the man made wonders in years past. Some civilizations have existed since the “beginning of time” and they are there for a reason: they are fighters. Ireland and Scotland seem like two nations that have the kind of history that ancient China has because as far as I know, they have always occupied the land in which they live.

I also want to go do some fishing on my trip when I go. I think that fishing the sea in that region of the world will probably be the end of any fishing career because I don’t think it gets much better than that. My dad and grandpa used to take me fishing in Minnesota on many of the great lakes there, and I also did some deep sea fishing when visiting my grandpa in Florida. But I think that since I have some Scotch and Irish in me, that probably means I’m born to be a good angler, what do you think??

And if I’m there, I’ll probably want to do some golfing, just for old times sake. My dear grandpa is quite a golfer but I’m a hack – I usually consider golf a “good walk spoiled,” but my grandpa would probably shoot me if he ever reads this post :)

So if there are any world travelers out there who want to fund my trip to Ireland and / or Scotland this summer, please let me know! I am always willing to carry your bags for your or drive you anywhere you want to go and I promise not to talk in my fake Irish accent – unless I have too many beers – I hear the nightlife out there is rather amazing especially Dublin nightlife. Anyways, thanks for reading and I really look forward to our trip together! See you at the airport :P